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1 W. Main St. | Newcastle, WY 82701

Weston County Library - 23 West Main St. 


Weston County Library Foundation

Mission Statement

The mission of the Weston County Library Foundation is to enhance the quality of public library services to the county by securing resources to support library programs and projects not normally met by public funding.


Weston County Library Foundation Board
Pam Pzinski: Chairperson
[email protected]
N/A: Vice Chairperson
Kay Thomas: Secretary
[email protected]
Karmel Hoffman: Treasurer
[email protected]
Laura Giesler: Treasurer
[email protected]
Debb Proctor
[email protected]
Bill Hallett
[email protected]
Jane Rhoades
[email protected]
Betty Petranek
[email protected]
Arlene Hansen
[email protected]

Wyoming Libraries Endowment Challenge

In March 2008, The Wyoming State Legislature passed the Wyoming Library Endowment Challenge. For every dollar that our Weston County Library Foundation raises, the State Legislature will match it 3:1. If Weston County raises $185,507, the State of Wyoming will match in the amount of $556,521. An additional State match of $100,000 was awarded to all Wyoming Public Libraries in December. The Endowment fund, therefore, has the potential to raise $842,028 for the Weston County Library. The Endowment principle can never be touched, but the interest earned is distributed annually to the endowment holder.

If you would like more information concerning the Wyoming Libraries Endowment Challenge or would like to contribute, please contact one of the above listed Foundation Board members.

Donors to Wyoming Public Libraries Endowment Challenge for Weston County

Special thanks to these major donors!

21st Century Club

A-1 Agency
Ackley, Lyle & Loretta
Akers, Rob & JoAnna
Albert, Al & Quindred
Allen, Ervin & Rose
Ayres, Tim and Brenda

Baldwin, Gene & Jane
Baldwin, Mike & Rose
Beaver Materials
Beckner, Craig & Gloria
Berdahl, John & Barb
Black Hills Exploration & Production
Black Hills Power
Board, Judith
Boulden, Bill & Lois Ann
Bradley, Lola
Brennan, Pat
Brannan, Sandra
Bunch, James & Donna
Butler, Mary & Greg Butler
Butolph, Mildred

Children of Weston County Library
Cristler, Robyn
Cullen, John & Kathleen
Culver, Keith & Lana
Dan Hart Patrol Service
Doris Engle Memorial
Dixon, Marlene
Dumbrill, Lucille
Dummer, Kathleen
Dunford, Rick & Cathy

Farnsworth, Tom & Jamie
Fassbender, Joanne
First State Bank of Newcastle
Flying V Cambria Inn

Gaskill, Bob & Barb
Goodart, Elizabeth
Goode, Harvey & Mimi
Gray, Gary & Gail
Grubbs, Joyce

Hall, Bill
Halsey, Edward
Hartman, Ronald & Janet
Hayman, Elsa
Henry, Dennis & Barb
Herbst, Derral
Hermes Consolidated, Inc.
Highfill, Dean & Nancy Johnson
Hinz, Mabel
Holland, Paul & Linda
Howard, Endre & Alice
Hughes, Doug & Lee

John’s Electric
Jording, Don & Betty
Jorrey, Doug & Deb

Keeler, Jerry & Helen
Kiesel, Tonu  and Karen
King, Judy

Lebsack, Gary & Barb
Logan, Aaron & Anna

Lovelace, Ralph in memory of Frances (Mead) Lovelace

Mann, June
Martens, Bob
Robert A. Martens Memorial
Marx, Bill
McColley, Ann & family
McLaughlin, Roxanne
McLeland, Jim & Deb
Morrison, M. Paul & Jane
Murdock, Charlene

Najim, Ed & Cheri
Newcastle Elementary School Staff
Newcastle Police Dispatchers

P.E.O. Chapter AG – Ruthie Spence, President 2012
PEO Chapter X
Peabody Energy
Petrozzi, Penny
Piana, James
Pinter, Tracy
Porter, Fern
Porter, Jean
Porter, Ronald
Prell, Joe & Chrissie
Pzinski, Chuck & Pam

Ratigan, Mike and Candy Driver-Ratigan
Reimer, Dr. Lanny & Connie
Rhoades, Randy & Jane
Roetzel, Larry & Robin

Sample, Ron & Bette
Schlup, Rosemary
Ruth Schlup Memorial
Schuette, Alice
Scissions, Darlene
Sewell, Deb
Shivers, Charlotte
Shook, Jake
Smith, Ray
Spikell, Cynthia
Stephenson, Carol
Swanson, Carol in memory of Dennis Swanson
Sweet, Diana
Sylte, Lyle & Joyce

Tavegie, Kathleen & family
Thompson, Robert
Thorson, Don & Lois
Thorson Foundation
Tomac, Jody
Townsend, Charles & Pat
True Foundation
Tysdal, Inez

United Methodist Women

Voss, Doris

Wal-Mart Foundation
Weston County Bar Association
Weston County Development Corporation
Whitley, Janice
Willadson, Marcia & family
Wilson, Gary & Deb Smith
Winters, Konrad & Angela
Wright, Helen
Wyoming Automotive
Wyoming Refining Company

Tony Barton
Chairman of the Weston County Commission

Past County Elected Officials
Lists of former county elected officials are now available online! These date back to 1915!