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1 W. Main St. | Newcastle, WY 82701

Sitting – Chairman Ed Wagoner
Back Row – Marty Ertman, Tracy Hunt, Tony Barton, Vice-Chairman Nathan Todd
Photo courtesy of Weston County Gazette


Pictured from Left to Right: Tracy Hunt, Tony Barton, Randy Rossman,
Vice Chairman Marty Ertman, Chairman Bill Lambert

Pictured from Left to Right
Jerry Shepperson, Vice-Chair; Tracy Hunt, Marty Ertman, Randy Rossman
Seated: Lenard D. Seeley, Chairman

Pictured from Left to Right
Randy Rossman, Marty Ertman, Chairman Tom W. Bruce (5/18/2004 to 1/6/2013), Jerry Shepperson, Vice Chairman,  Lenard D. Seeley.

Tony Barton
Chairman of the Weston County Commission

Past County Elected Officials
Lists of former county elected officials are now available online! These date back to 1915!