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Attorney’s Office

204 W. Main Street

Newcastle, WY 82701

Ph: 307-746-9131

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Crime Victim / Witness


The County Attorney’s Office is responsible for informing and assisting victims and witnesses throughout the court process. They notify crime victims and witnesses of court hearings, answer their questions regarding the court process, and assist in the gathering of restitution and other important information for the court’s review.

The roles of victims and witnesses begin when a crime occurs. Once the crime is reported, law enforcement initiates an investigation. Victims and witnesses may be called upon to assist in the investigation, and in the event charges are filed, to testify in court.

By bringing the offender to justice:

  • The offender is held accountable for his or her actions
  • Others are discouraged from committing crimes
  • The offender is rehabilitated, if possible; and public safety is insured

Tony Barton
Chairman of the Weston County Commission

Past County Elected Officials
Lists of former county elected officials are now available online! These date back to 1915!